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?  (Seminar) 颗粒物质结构和动力学X射线成像研究 [2018-10-16]
?  (Seminar) The Study of CP Violation in BLMSSM [2018-10-12]
?  Towards Explicit States in a Sigma Model [2018-10-10]
?  (Seminar) Recent progress of hypernuclear physics [2018-09-30]
?  (Seminar) Translocation of small molecules through engineered outer-membrane channels f... [2018-09-27]
?  (Seminar) Observational evidence for Extended Emission to GW170817 [2018-09-25]
?  (Seminar) Symmetry Enriched Topological phases in three dimensions [2018-09-19]
?  (Seminar) Do We Live in the Swampland? [2018-09-17]
?  Learning from Higgs Physics at Future Higgs Factories [2018-09-12]
?  (Seminar) Two indices Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model [2018-09-12]
?  LHCb anomaly in optimised observables and potential of Z prime Model [2018-09-07]
?  Detecting Rocky Exoplanets with Precise Radial Velocities [2018-09-07]
?  Peptide and Membrane: Molecular Engineering of Melittin for Enhanced Antibacterial Acti... [2018-09-05]
?  (Seminar) The Infrared Structures of Scalar Effective Field Theories [2018-09-05]
?  (Seminar) The power of EFT: Deriving the electroweak Standard Model [2018-09-04]
?  (Seminar) Aspects of the SYK model [2018-08-20]
?  (Seminar) Axion-like particle with a monodromy potential and a cosmological implication [2018-08-10]
?  (Seminar) Transverse Momentum Resummation for t-channel single top quark production at ... [2018-08-09]
?  QCD axion and small scale inflation [2018-08-06]
?  Coarse-grained modeling for 3D structure and stability of RNAs in salt solutions [2018-08-03]
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